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About Us

Adding Direction, Opening Doors, Heading North

With Compass Athletic on your team, your business gains a teammate with over 100 years of experience in sports products, business management and and sales distribution. Our core team members have come together with 3 different backgrounds, that when overlapped, create a powerful lineup that offers superior services for the sports products industry.


From guiding companies with newly developed products, to navigating sales channels and new markets for existing products, to unlocking funding opportunities, Compass Athletic is a total solution. 


It all starts with the creation of a Management Action Plan (M.A.P.) focusing on the key aspects of your business. It's a process that involves an exploration of your company and products to determine which of our services could benefit you the greatest.


And like any good teammate we fit in only where your team needs us the most.


Contact us to learn more about creating your own M.A.P. 

Let's Head North!

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