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Consulting the World's 
Sports Manufacturers and Retailers

Let’s develop your M.A.P. by helping you develop the following areas:

-Business Planning            -Funding                          -Products

-Marketing                            -Sales Channeling        -Operations


It all starts with a gameplan to your company's success. We call it a Management Action Plan...or M.A.P.

We consult in 6 key areas needed to propel your business to new heights. Already have some of them covered? No problem, as the ultimate team player, Compass Athletic helps shore up your weaknesses and fits in with your current strengths.

Our Team

With over 100 combined years of business experience, our core team members have led national companies to groundbreaking sales, exponentially grown sales centers, and established deep ties to the industry's top influencers.

Like every great team, our players know their roles and have mastered them - for your benefit.

Contact Us


Compass Athletic
North Office:

16191 Hunters Run
Marysville, OH 43040

South Office:

6151 Lake Osprey Drive 3rd floor

Sarasota, FL 34240



Areas of Expertise

Sports Goods   Sporting Accessories​   Sports Equipment​   
Health and Wellness Products      Fitness Products

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